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English IV Assignment

♥New Year ♥

♥ New year’s is the best time to  celebrate with my family.

♥ The silliest way to ring in the new year is jumping at New Year’s Eve to get taller.

♥My family’s new year’s traditions is gathering  round  fruits.

♥ Every new year, I like to  eat sweets.

♥ I started my countdown for the new year at 11:30 pm.

♥ What is my one wish for the world during the new year?  For the world to be peaceful. No terrorists or war.

♥ If I could be anywhere in the world at midnight on new year’s eve, I would go to Chinen Yuri’s  house watching fireworks at the balcony with him at Japan.


Looking back……….

♥ The best thing I accomplished last year is making 5 stories about anime.

♥. The one word to describe my past year is Happiness , and this is why.. Because of my friends and family  that made be so happy last year.

♥ The most exciting thing I did all year long was knowing more and more about  JK POP.

♥ How can I thank someone who helped me last year? To pass all the exams that given to me and I will do my best to finish my studies.

♥ Something I did last year that I want to do again this year is writing more stories.

♥ The most important lesson in life that I learned in 2010 is don’t ever give up and be strong.

♥ My favorite place last year Robinson  Place.

♥ What were the best things that happened during the last year? Icing fight on our Christmas Party, bonding with DHA BEZ XD , family, more about JK POP and ♥♥♥♥.

♥ The most important resolution I ever kept ” Don’t Give up”.

My favorite part of school last year bonding with my friends especially anime  lovers.

♥The best month of last year was November and December

♥What is one regular practice I would like to adopt next year? My usual writing stories, cook more and experiment more foods.

♥ I will miss last year because we are graduating soon so,I will miss the fun times I shared with my friends and classmates.

♥ The thing I was most excited about last year was My Birthday

♥The nicest thing I did last year helping my classmates who are in need.

♥ The most interesting person I met last year was section I Hope.

♥My best friends last year were DHA’BEZ XD because In times I need them they were alway there to support me.

♥ I was excited when I learned about the new song of Hey Say Jump “ARIGATO” last year.

♥ The best journal entry I wrote last year was the Life Chart.

♥ The hardest thing I had to do last year are projects  especially doing videos.

♥ I’m thankful that knowing the real meaning of friendship and love happened last year.

♥ Something that I didn’t want to do last year, but that I’m glad I did, is experiencing  that someone loves you :).

♥ The most important thing that happened all year (2010)making things work out with me and DHA BEZ XD.

Looking forward…..

♥In the new year, I will study more for the exams.

♥ Something I would change about last year is nothing. What happened last year was perfectly.

♥ Five things that will change about me this new year are one third of my personality, TV addiction, eating, my addiction of JK POP…Haha.

♥ Something I’m looking forward to this new year is to see Hey  Say Jump concert.

♥ My favorite part of the year is graduation day :(.

♥ One resolution that I really want to keep this year is work hard and don’t give up.

♥Something that I put off doing last year that I want to do this year writing srories about anime  fanfic.

♥ My biggest goal for this year is College

♥ One thing that I’m praying for this new year is to pray for my family’s safety, and to see Hey Say Jump Happy and healthy.

How  would you like the world to end, in ice or in fire?

♥ Well for me neither the two, because I don’t want the world to end like this. I want it to be peaceful, I don’t want the world to be in chaos. And I want to leave this earth with a peaceful environment. Of course I don’t want the world to end. Well this is my answers whether the world will end.♥

A. ♥ Love is as bright as day, free as a bird, beautiful as nature.

♥Love is like a gun , it can bring the strongest of men to their knees.

♥Love is like fire, once it sparks, you can’t stop it very easily.

♥Love is like marble, it can be carved to create beauty.

Love is like a tree, if you nature  it it will grow huge and strong.

B. ♥ Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes    you weep.

♥ Life is rather like a tin of sardines: we’re all of us looking for the key.

C. ♥Youth is a cool as a cucumber; as happy as a clown;as pretty as a picture; as strong as an ox and as tough as leather.

D. ♥Falling in love is sweet as honey; strong as an ox; tough as nails and crazy as a loon.

E. ♥Christmas is busy as a beaver; cold as ice; happy as a lark;   sweet as honey..

When I watch Noynoy’s Inauguration I was impressed by his speech. Because  for him, we the citizen of the Philippines are more important than any other things. I hope the things that he said in the Inauguration will  come true.

My reaction is I was happy to hear the things that I want to hear.

This video contains the things that I said.


In the future I want to be come a well known best chef in all Asia. My mother wants me to study in EVSU  in college taking HRT or HRM. But I want to study in LNU taking HRT or HRM, but my father decide  that I should make my choice or decisions in  my future. I also want to take TMRT or THRM but they say that  height is required, but I am not really that tall,but still I want to take the exam. My father said to me that I should take 2 years course in culinary arts in Manila.

After I graduated in college I want to go in different countries to do research of what kind of techniques that  a chef  use in cooking especially a famous chef. Especially I want to go to Japan and Korea. May be in Japan I can meet my Idols in HEY SAY JUMP.  And I also want to study about pastery and sweet.

16 years old ♥Graduated in high school, and taking exams for college.
20 years old ♥Graduated in college.
21-22 years old ♥ taking 2 years course of  Culinary art at manila.
24 years old  

♥ Maybe I am outside of the country researching the techniques of  a true chef. Or maybe I am  in Japan, also going to theconcert of hey say jump and 

buy myfirst car.

25-26  years old ♥  I’ll be looking for a partner in life,  and also I may become a  well known best chef in Asia.
27 years old ♥ I maybe engaged to my life time partner.
29-30 years old ♥I maybe married or going to be.
31 years old ♥I will continue my job to fulfill my goal.
32-80 years old ♥I maybe famous in Asia as a chef. And also have  stable life with my family.


If only I have my way I would tell God that  I want to be born as a Japanese citizen and born in Hokkido  in Japan. Hokido  is a beautiful place, Hokkido has many beautiful flower fields.  Also butiful cities and towns.

This is an example of a flower field in Hokkido:

And if I have my way I will do the things that I did wrong. Especially the times in elementary and also during at my high school days. And the most embarrassing  moments in my life. I want to change them, but I cannot  go back to those times.

About Izalyn

Who is “Izalyn”?

Izalyn, a girl who is kind and friendly to others, a person who is crazy about anime and also crazy about J-pop. She is lovable and she is easily to get by boys . Her dream is to become a chief one day since she  was a little girl. At first look you can say she is shy and quiet girl, but when you almost know her you can say that I change what I said. Actually she is like a spoiled little girl and to innocent. But the thing that you wont change your mind is that she is a friendly, kind and helps other people that’s the kind of girl she is. You will love her personality.

She is a 4th year high school student in Eastern Visayas State University.  She might not be the best student in class but she tries  hard to know everything on the lesson. She can be pretty stupid sometimes, but her brain still somehow works most of the time.


This  is Izalyn’s group, from right to left De Paz Cherry Ann, Hidalgo Marian Danica, Amit Althea, Bacsal Sandra, Esquibel Archie Jade, and Zalavarria Izalyn. And they are called DHA’BEZ by the first letter of there surnames.

The group was  formed 1 yr. and 8 months ago it was on October 25, 2008, when they were 2nd year high school. They eat lunch together, they help each other and sometimes they fight but they make up again.


She is definitely an AsianPop addict. Whether it would be Japanese or Korean, she would listen to it. Even though it can’t be understood, she really doesn’t care enough as long as she is enjoying it. CHOSHINSEI and HEY SAY JUMP are the major J-pop groups that she loves. While in Korea , she loves SUPER JUNIOR and U-KISS. She, being a fan girl really matters to her since it’s almost her perfect happiness. Someday she would love to go visit or even live in those two Asian countries just to see her idols.

KAWAII!! (cute)

This is Hey Say Jump, Izalyn is crazy about this Japanese boy band  especially the boy who has a flower in his mouth his name is Chinen Yuuri. Izalyn is really in love w/ him she is really crazy about him.


About Za_chan

Izalyn Zalavarria  is close friends with Althea Pristine Agnes  G. Amit. Both of them are 4th year high school students in Estern Visayas State University.

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